Public Corruption

Sophisticated Legal Counsel for Public Corruption Charges

Public corruption is one of core areas of focus for state and federal law enforcement officials. They strenuously believe that public corruption and abuses of power undercut our democratic system of government, cost taxpayer money and endanger the lives of community residents. Charges of bribery, “honest services fraud,” illegal kickbacks and other offenses are rigorously investigated and vigorously prosecuted.

At Brown Scott, PLC, in West Des Moines, our defense attorneys provide more than 30 years of combined legal experience in the complex issues surrounding public corruption cases. The height of your visibility compels us to rise to the occasion in your defense, in negotiations and the courtroom.

Formulating a Decisive Response to Public Corruption Charges

Brown Scott, PLC, attorneys provide assertive representation in public corruption cases involving:

Your reputation, your standing in the community and your professional future may depend on the way you are represented in court, at hearings or during trial. Trust your case to the Iowa public corruption defense law firm that has been there before: Brown Scott, PLC. You will see right away that our professionalism and integrity in the practice of law can be a valued asset to your case.

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