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Representing Clients in Both Federal and Iowa State Courts

Crafting and executing viable and credible defenses to complex criminal accusations is a mixture of art and legal science. At the law offices of Brown Scott, PLC, Attorneys F. Montgomery Brown and Paul Scott are skilled practitioners of the alchemy of criminal trial defense. From the initial stages of your case, we will thoroughly examine the entirety of the evidence against you, probing for weaknesses in the prosecution's case while we seek to bolster your story with creative and sophisticated defense strategies.

Our versatile criminal defense practice focuses on complex federal criminal cases, white collar crimes such as embezzlement, business fraud and public corruption, drug crimes, and state criminal offenses. We have represented clients in significant cases involving a wide range of state and federal charges.

Bringing our combined legal experience to bear on every case, we have a reputation for aggressive and creative criminal defense. This is all we do.

Brown Scott, PLC—Sophisticated Criminal Representation

Every aspect of your state or federal criminal charge will be questioned by our detail-minded attorneys, including issues surrounding searches, the roles of informants and eyewitnesses, forensics, the document and email trails, and the myriad of other details applicable to your case. Sophisticated criminal representation demands immersion in the details of the case. The “devil is in the details” is an accurate maxim. Criminal representation in complex cases necessitates that you fully participate with your counsel in formulating your case narrative.

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The legal knowledge and personal service we provide seeks to give you the confidence that your case is being handled competently and professionally. Contact our law office in West Des Moines, Iowa, to schedule an initial consultation. Phone and e-mail messages are promptly returned. Se habla español.

F. Montgomery Brown and Paul Scott have chosen to learn from Sun Tzu's “Art of War” as our mantra because the defense of complex criminal litigation requires agility and creativity.